MILWAUKEE, WI -- Universal Granite & Marble Inc. (UGM) of Illinois, a supplier of natural stone products in Midwest America, continues with its expansion program with the opening of a brand new warehouse/showroom in Milwaukee, WI. The company, already with operations in Downtown Chicago, Naperville, IL, Detroit, MI, and Cleveland, OH, has been pursuing an aggressive expansion program that has made it one of the largest natural stone suppliers in the Midwest, reports the company.

The new facility, located at 7725 South 6th Street, Oak Creek, Milwaukee, WI, is equipped with cutting-edge technology for material display and movement, making customer slab viewing a convenient and pleasant experience. As part of its commitment to the natural stone market, UGM Wisconsin has an extensive collection of some of the most popular and rare colors in the industry.

The extensive warehouse is on a modest complex that provides an extensive warehouse/showroom space of approximately 30,000 square feet. This facility is now being stocked with more than 8,000 slabs -- comprising some of the most sought after colors on the market.

According to UGM, it has gained tremendous insights into regional natural stone market. With such experience, it has developed an entirely new and innovative approach to the Wisconsin market. The primary market is stone fabricators and other stone retailers. The emphasis is on showroom/warehouse style display, thus allowing maximum viewing of the slabs. UGM also prides itself on customer service and its ability to satisfy the most demanding requirements.