The Keil[r] Countertop Anchoring System, available from Tile Eze of Naples, FL, effectively fastens marble, granite, natural stone, crystallized glass and ceramic tile utilizing a concealed “undercut” method on new and/or existing interior and exterior facades. Consisting of stainless steel anchors, panel brackets, and Keil locking bolts with an integral locking mechanism, the system applies maximum loads to panels ensuring stress-free attachment of material from thicknesses as little as 6 mm. The anchoring device is suitable for materials from 3⁄8 inches to over 3-inch thicknesses. In addition, the concealed anchors have extremely high pullout loads and shearing strength. The anchoring system works in just five easy steps, including drill, undercut, finished hole, insert anchor and you're done, according to the company. Different Keil drill bits are available from the company for use on various thicknesses of material, and guarantee optimum short drilling time, long tool life and precise hole geometry in seconds. In addition, a variety of anchors in different material thickness are also available from the company.

Circle No. 293