Fine Granite & Stone Care Products recently introduced Granite Gold, a stone care product line for granite, marble, travertine and other natural stone surfaces. Granite Gold cleans and conditions countertops, floors and wall surrounds, providing homeowners with a way to protect their investment in beautiful surfaces. “People don't realize that many traditional household cleaners contain ammonia and other harsh chemicals that eat away at natural stone sealer and reduce its luster and durability,” said Charles Anderson, Vice President of Sales for Granite Gold. “Carrying this line allows retailers to educate homeowners on the benefits of stone care products as well as drive incremental purchases.”

The Granite Gold line consists of the following stone care products, which are available to ship to retailers immediately: Granite Gold Daily Cleaner, Granite Gold Polish/Protector, Granite Gold Penetrating Sealer and Granite Gold Stone Soap. Granite Gold products are also effective on natural quartz surfaces, and can be safely used on ceramic or porcelain tile and grout.

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