The Bremor Octagan double-head polisher is the only two-headed articulated polisher in the world, according to supplier Granite City Tool, providing a consistent polish and the ability to polish inside the “L.”

The Bremor Octagon is designed to shape and polish straight, bullnose, ogee or similar profiles up to a thickness of 14 cm. It can even shape and polish the profiles on the internal corners of kitchen tops (in one piece) with an “L” shape without turning the slab upside down. The ability to use both heads for the polishing phase results in considerable time savings, Granite City Tool reports.

The machine features a manual cycle, in which all the manual movements can be made both by means of the touch screen or through a remote push-button panel. A touch-screen monitor maintains the profile shapes of K, Z, V, T, E, D, B, A.

The Octagon is supplied with a counter-pressure device that allows four different pressure variations on 180 degrees of rotation. This allows the unit to form profiles with optimum precision, even on soft materials. It is also supplied with a pneumatic liftable with omnidirectional wheels to easily move the workpiece.