A new equipment catalog is now available from Z.Bavelloni, a world-leading company in glass and stoneworking machines and tools, which was founded in 1946. The catalog highlights the company's newest bridge saw, the Sharp 500, which cuts sheets of marble and granite using a rotating worktable and a cutting disk inclination system. The Sharp 500 is fully equipped with a two-speed spindle, a laser device for viewing the cut, an all-cast iron work table tilting by hydraulic system, control apparatus with PLC, slanting disk and other features. In addition, the catalog features the Egar N series of CNC machines, which includes the Egar 315/4 N, the Egar 315/4 TN the Egar 323/4 N, the Egar 323/5 N and the Egar 450/4 N. In the back of the catalog, readers can find a chart featuring the technical characteristics of both the Egar series and the Sharp 500.

Circle No. 296