In choosing a flooring material for their home in Palm Springs, CA, the owners sought to reflect the natural environment of the region while also providing an appropriate backdrop for the furnishings in the residence. Ultimately, these goals were met with the use of natural slate from China.

"With the growing popularity of slate applications for interior applications, the homeowner chose Earth slate, a color which blends well with most of the colors of furniture or curtains," said Lokesh Morada of M.S. International, which supplied the material. "Also, slate is very easy to maintain and durable, and it provides a vivid, natural appeal to the space."

The Earth slate was supplied as 16- x 16-inch tiles throughout the home. "This is a popular slate from China and a regular stock slate with us," Morada said. "It can be best described as a green khaki color slate, with beige tones and subtle deep rust accents."

The furnishings and fabrics used throughout the home continue the earth tone motif, with shades of beige and tan.

The slate tiles are gauged for efficient installation, and the stone was set by CDC Tile of Palm Springs, CA.