AccuColor Grout, is a color-accurate grout, which is now available from TEC Specialty Products. Lab tests prove that AccuColor grouts consistently outperform the industry when it comes to matching in-store samples, according to the company. The proprietary blend of ingredients helps neutralize color variation caused by tile type, tile over-glaze, joint size, amount of water used in mixing or cleaning up and curing conditions. It also spreads smoothly and has an extended working time, which means that the grout in the bucket won't dry out during installation.

TEC has also introduced 1Flex, a crack isolation mortar. It is a one step application and has 1/8-inch crack isolation. 1Flex can be installed in one day, and can be used for granite, slate, natural stone, non-green marble, quarry tile, semi- and vitreous tile, porcelain, concrete, mortar beds, brick and masonry, APA grade plywood, and cementitious backer units. It is available in both basic gray and a non-staining white formula.

Circle No. 295