CUMBRIA, ENGLAND - Burlington's Broughton Moor natural stone has been specified as the flooring material for the atria and public and staff entrance areas of seven new contemporary office buildings that are being constructed on the Sunbury-on-Thomas site of BP International Limited. Following an extension evaluation of other flooring materials, BP and architects Broadway Malyan specified the Broughton Moor stone with a waterjet finish. In addition to meeting both parties' requirements of delivering improved anti-slip properties within the atria and entrance areas, the waterjet finish does so without affecting the natural appearance of the stone, which often features contrasting veins and markings. The installation is due for completion in 2004.

"This project is a perfect example of the intrinsic technical and aesthetic properties of Burlington natural stone being used to meet the design criteria of a modern and contemporary office development," said Malcolm Hatch, Burlington's joint managing director.