The kitchen of this upscale residence was designed with a contemporary look, enhanced by Kashmere White granite flooring and Pocono Green countertops. Both materials were imported from India by Ankur International, Inc.
In choosing building materials for a high-end residence in Cranbury, NJ, the builders at Kerani Enterprises followed a popular trend for the entry foyer, which utilizes antiqued Jerusalem Gray. However, in the kitchen, the design takes a more contemporary approach, with elements such as a stark white stove, oven and sink fixtures along with polished Indian granite for the floors and countertops.

The stone for this space includes Kashmere White granite flooring. The material, which has a rich off-white hue, was utilized as 18- x 18-inch tiles set on the diagonal. The polished finish of the flooring is accented by ample lighting within the space - both natural and artificial light.

The countertops in the kitchen also feature Indian granite, as Pocono Green was selected. This material was not only used for the counters themselves, but also for a 4-inch-high backsplash. Additionally, a center cooking island features a Pocono Green top with a rounded end that can be used as a breakfast bar.

Now completed, the house has a value of over $1 million.

About the project:

Private Residence: Cranbury, NJ
Builder: Kerani Enterprises
Stone Supplier: Ankur International Inc., Monmouth Jct., NJ