Guard Industrie has recently introduced a water-and-oil repellent solution called ProtectGuard. Based on an aqueous acrylic copolymer, the solution gives long-lasting protection to all porous materials used in the building industry. It stops any water infiltration, eliminates all destructive influence of dampness, including fungus, and prevents oily dirt from settling. Treatment is achieved by impregnation, via a low-pressure spray, roller or paintbrush up to saturation, in one or two coats 15 minutes apart. ProtectGuard enters deeply into the material's pores and makes it waterproof, drying completely in 24 hours with maximum effectiveness reached in seven days. The treatment makes the surface self-washable, and has anti-graffiti and anti-adherence properties. It can be used for vertical, horizontal, external and internal surfaces of limestone, architectural concrete, mineral coatings, asphalts and prefabricated slabs used in walls, roofs, floors and sidewalks, the company reports. It comes with a 10-year quality guarantee.

Circle No. 250