The Denver Quota CNC machine, available from VIC International of Knoxville, TN, has rapidly grown in popularity, VIC reports, citing the unit's price, features, ease of use and service. And according to VIC, the new Quota Tech should prove to be an even better success story.

The new Quota Tech has an improved X axis working length of 3,080 mm (121.25 inches), which will allow for longer pieces to be processed effectively. This longer working length also allows for the addition of another tool holder, bringing the total to 22 ISO40 cones. There is a new Osai controller, which is interfaced with an industrial PC. The PC is equipped with CD-ROM, USB ports (4+2), optical mouse and keyboard and a 15-inch color TFT flat screen monitor. The CAD/CAM software is based on Windows XP.

The Quota Tech has been engineered so that quality and precision are built into every machine. Precision ball screws and linear guides with re-circulating bearing blocks insure accuracy and dependability. The monolithic construction of the machine lends itself to faster installation and simple facility preparation, without consuming valuable floor space.

The Quota Tech is suited for processing all custom countertop needs. It will mill, drill, cut, profile and polish with optimum accuracy and speed, the company reports. With the Quota Tech, users are able to provide custom profiles such as triple pencil waterfalls, drain boards, fluting, solid sinks and even 3D images.

VIC International offers demonstrations of the Quota Tech, along with other Denver equipment for the whole fabrication shop. Contact a member of VIC International's Equipment Sales Division to “try before you buy.”