TheOmagMill 4X is a numerically controlled machining center with 3 or 4 axes, available in North America fromSalem Stone/Bergman-Blair. The machine, which was engineered based on Omag's 25 years of manufacturing experience, combines a high level of technology with easy set-up, and it is capable of forming, routing, engraving, milling, sculpting, sawing, polishing and lathe work on marble, granite and other types of stone.

The Mill 4X is used for line production as well as single custom pieces. The axes are driven at high speed by brushless motors combined with ball screws, while lasting quality and precision are assured by linear guides and moving parts that are protected by PVC bellows and a centralized oil-lubricating system, the company reports.

The mobile bridge technology makes the Mill 4X a modular machine since operators can add a supplementary lathe system or extend the work area at any time, depending on the customer's requirements. Omag's staff developed the CAD/CAM software (CAD/CAM), and the company guarantees training before and after the sale.

Other benefits of the Omax Mill 4X include:
  • Interface in your language
  • Local service directly by a built-in modem
  • Easy-to-reach working area with no step required
  • Windows-based software in 2D or 3D
  • ISO 40 or 50 for more power and larger tools
  • Standard Z-axis (up-and-down) movement of 500 to 700 mm and more
  • Tool storage up to 48 pieces