The Slab Caddy is a brand-new multifunctional slab transportation, inventory management and staging system. This system was imagined by a fabricator and built by an automation engineer with safety and efficiency at the forefront.  It consists of a battery-powered tug fitted with a fixed-point hitch that attaches to a Slab Caddy cart.

The Original Cart has a weight capacity of 11k pounds, which allows you to move 10 3cm slabs at once with only one operator. Or you can upsize and unload two bundles onto one Bundle Cart to quickly move into inventory or production. Utilize the WIP/remnant cart to transform how you transport and manage these pieces. Lastly, the Vertical Pin rack can revolutionize how you are picking and staging slabs for production. No more driving a fork lift or crane back and forth all day, pick and load as you go. The opportunities for use are endless, according to the manufacturer.

Do you like this solution, but want something more specific for your shop? Slab Caddy offers custom ordering.  Check out its website or Instagram to see its system in action.