NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Pacific Shore Stones, a leader in the natural stone distribution sector, is thrilled to commemorate its 20th anniversary. This milestone represents 20 years of relentless innovation, exceptional service and dedicated leadership in bringing the finest natural and engineered stone surfaces to the market.

Founded in 2004 with a single storefront in Los Angeles, CA, Pacific Shore Stones has expanded into a national presence with 16 showrooms across the U.S. Its evolution from a humble local supplier to a national beacon reflects its core values of resilience, innovation and commitment.

Over the years, the company has not only broadened its footprint, but also its product range and industry influence. Its portfolio now boasts over a thousand unique surface options -- from traditional granite to the latest in engineered surfaces -- catering to both residential and commercial projects. This diversity and quality have established new benchmarks in the industry and propelled the company’s growth.

In 2024, Pacific Shore Stones is not merely celebrating past achievements but also looking forward to the future. Marco A. Pereira, one of the company’s founders, was recently honored with an invitation to speak at the Vitória Stone Fair, the very event that signified the beginning of the company’s journey two decades ago. This full-circle moment highlights Pacific Shore Stones’ deep-rooted connections in the industry and its ongoing commitment to innovation and mastery.

Throughout the year, Pacific Shore Stones will host events and celebrations, inviting all to join them in marking its 20-year journey and envisioning its future successes. As the company anticipates the future, it is committed to sustaining its growth, exploring new technologies and expanding its offerings to meet and surpass the evolving needs of its customers. 

Pacific Shore Stones aims to continue its contributions to local communities through job creation and community engagement -- reinforcing its commitment to being more than just a business.

The company expresses a tremendous debt of gratitude to its talented and hardworking team, whose dedication has been instrumental in its success. "Every member of our staff has played a significant role in reaching this milestone," said Owner Marco A. Pereira. "Their passion and hard work have indeed made the last 20 years an incredible journey. We look forward to fostering our culture of distinction and innovation, as we continue to serve our communities and lead in the natural stone industry.”