Founded by Francis and Alyce Buechel in 1964, Buechel Stone has continued to expand and flourish for nearly 60 years. Recently recognized among the 2023 top workplaces in the U.S. and opening a new 22,000-square-foot warehouse in Hammond, IN, are several results of the company’s successful initiatives. 

Stone World recently sat down with April Dowland, chief operating officer of Buechel Stone, who shared insight into the company’s strategies for growth and how it has devoted time to building an uplifting work environment for its employees. “Over the years, we really wanted to develop a culture and program that made sure you feel special; that you feel like a rock star,” said Dowland. “It’s educating, having the vision, sharing the vision, being on the same page and speaking the same language. Once we achieve certain goals we have, then we can celebrate.”

To hear more about Buechel Stone and what Dowland had to say, watch the video interview here.