Twenty-three years after joining PROSOCO, Kevin Sigourney is taking over as president of the company, a Lawrence, Kansas-based manufacturer of specialty construction products approaching its 85th anniversary next year.

The promotion was announced on August 21st by David Boyer, a member of the third-generation of the family-owned business, who is stepping down from the role of president but will continue serving as chief executive officer.

After working as PROSOCO’s Customer Care Manager from 2000 through 2011, Sigourney was promoted to lead the company’s Consolideck line of concrete flooring chemicals, stains and cleaners as product manager. In 2017, he was promoted again to vice president of brand integrity, a role in which he oversaw all aspects of the company’s sales and brand strategy operations. 

As president, one of Sigourney’s responsibilities will be charting a course for future growth by aligning strategic goals with the company’s overarching mission and vision. 

“I am humbled and honored to be leading the organization in this exciting new era,” Sigourney said. “PROSOCO is an incredible company and a great place to work. We are well respected in the industry not just because we produce great products, but because our people are passionate, professional, and knowledgeable.”

Walking away from the role of president, which Boyer held for 43 years, was made easier with the confidence and trust earned by the next generation of leadership. 

“Though stepping down as president, I look forward to witnessing and contributing to our continued success and accelerated growth as PROSOCO’s chief executive officer,” Boyer said. “PROSOCO is a unique company blessed with some of this industry’s best products backed by a talented and knowledgeable workforce. I take great pride in how far we’ve come and look forward to what the future holds.” 

Nicole Lauderdale has also been promoted to a new role -- vice president of marketing.

Lauderdale began her career at PROSOCO in 2015 as sales & marketing specialist, where she worked directly with sales teams and leaders of PROSOCO’s business units to identify marketing opportunities and priorities. A few years later in 2018, she was named director of brand strategies to lead marketing operations and brand initiatives for the rapidly growing organization. 

“It means a great deal to have the trust and confidence of Kevin Sigourney and the whole PROSOCO family,” Lauderdale said. “I have no doubt that together, we're well-equipped to reach new heights of growth and achievement. I'm eager to work with the team to take our marketing strategies to the next level and expand our reach in new and exciting directions.

Kevin Sigourney, president of PROSOCO, said it was an honor to announce the well-deserved promotion.

“Nicole’s exceptional skills, leadership and strategic vision make her the perfect fit for this pivotal role in our organization. Throughout her tenure as our brand strategy group director, Nicole has consistently demonstrated her ability to understand our industry, elevate our brand and foster a collaborative and empowering teamwork environment. She has a keen eye for opportunity and ability to inspire those around her, and her leadership aligns perfectly with our company’s mission and values.”

“As Vice President of Marketing, Nicole will play a pivotal role in steering our marketing strategies, fostering collaboration among teams, and enhancing our market reach. Her insights and leadership will undoubtedly guide our marketing team to new heights and contribute to our company’s continued growth and success.”

PROSOCO has added another brick industry veteran to its growing sales force. Bill Daniel, previously with North Georgia Brick Company, brings 26 years of experience in the brick business to his role as PROSOCO’s Regional Sales Manager supporting projects in the Southeastern U.S.

Based out of Gainesville, GA, Daniel will cover a territory that includes Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and the Florida panhandle.

His professional career spans both residential and commercial projects and support of architects, builders, general contractors, masonry contractors and sales managers. Daniel is involved in the Brick Industry Association and has served on the Board of Directors of the Masonry Association of Georgia.

Daniel says he’s looking forward to supporting PROSOCO’s product lines beyond brick cleaners, such as anchoring systems and air barriers. “Coming from the brick industry, I know all about cleaning products, but things like the adjustable wall tie just weren’t presented to us in the brick market. PROSOCO can build the whole wall.”

Area Sales Manager Clay Witt said Daniel is already making an impact on projects in the important Southeast market. “Bill has so much experience in brick but he also has been a manager for 14 years, which is a perfect combination of what we were looking for,” Witt said. “He’s a great fit for all of us and he’ll bring a huge value to our customers in the Southeast.” 

A longtime resident of the state of Georgia and Georgia Bulldogs fan, Daniel enjoys fishing, golfing, hunting and spending time with his wife, Amelia and two daughters: Rylan, 12 and Elizabeth, 7.