The 23rd China Xiamen International Stone Fair successfully took place from June 5 to 8, 2023. The entire exhibition space spanned 170,000 square meters, with eight exhibition areas in 22 halls: Domestic Stone Area, Machinery & Tools Area, International Area, Artificial Stone Area, Outdoor Area, Design Area, Media Area and Natural Stone Varieties Collection. 

The number of exhibiting companies was beyond expectation, according to show management. In total, 1,308 companies participated in Xiamen Stone Fair 2023, including 174 in the international area. Pavilions from Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Egypt, Portugal and other countries returned to Xiamen. Moreover, a number of industrial regions in China organized several groups of brands this year, including Guizhou Province, Macheng City and Sui County in Hubei Province, Jiaohe City in Jilin Province and Laizhou City in Shandong Province. Show management reported foreign trade enterprises had outstanding performances during the four-day exhibition. 

In terms of visitors and trade buyers, the total number reached 139,041. Compared with the 2019 edition, approximately 50% of overseas visitors returned, and the increase of Chinese buyers accounted for 24.75%. The overseas visitors hailed from 91 countries and regions to attend the exhibition, among which the top five countries were India, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia. Furthermore, over 100 groups of global hosted buyers, industry associations, designers, institutions, colleges and other visiting delegations attended the Xiamen Stone Fair to connect with members of the stone industry.

Coinciding with the exhibition was an educational component, including World Stone Congress – comprising a series of design forums and technical sessions. Another show feature was the 

Xiamen Habitat Design and Life Festival (HDLF), co-organized by Xiamen Stone Fair and International Habitat Interior Design Association (IHIDA). The objective of the event was to explore the ideal living space, facilitate industrial development by design and improve the aesthetics of urban life, thereby building a better habitation era. HDLF contained three parts of exhibition, forum and study tour: Habitat Interior Design Exhibition, Development Forum of International Habitat Interior Design and Study Tour. Started in 2020, this year HDLF explored “Stone and Space.” The exhibition took living space as the subject and stone as a key material -- exploring the possibilities of stone and the diversity of habitation through multiple methods.

Also a highlight of Xiamen Stone Fair 2023 was "Stone Infinite X Stone Design in New Period." 

The core value of the exhibition was promoting creative transactions: designers provide creative inspiration as well as creative solutions to enterprises in the build of more innovative models for the application of stone and product upgrades. It is believed good products will enhance the value of the enterprises continuously. In the future, through the continuous efforts of Femo Design, “Stone Infinite x Stone Design in New Period” will become a major platform for the debut of new stone design products at home and abroad and an important channel to link design and industry, according to show management.