Editorial Director Jennifer Richinelli and Managing Editor Jason Kamery discuss what Stone World has planned and what is going on for them, for the month of July. Below is a small part of the podcast:

JK: Since you're all listening to this podcast. Recently on Stone World. We've had a bunch of other podcasts go up just within the past few weeks. Well, if we go further back, we had the SFA podcast go up earlier last month. Hopefully, you've listened to them. They were a lot of fun to part one and part 2 to kind of go through the SFA trip. And then within the past few weeks I recently a podcast with Danya Dandamudi who is our former Fabricator Of The year 3, 3 years ago.

JR: It was 3 and a half years ago now and it’s great because a lot of people didn’t talk about business and now people are much more open to it. It’s been a really cool evolution and we have been very fortunate. We’ve had a lot of people that are receptive when we ask them to do podcasts and talk about their business.

Listen to the full podcast here: