Soft colors are also intermingled with Argenta’s new designs. Relaxing color schemes combined with darker colors ranging from grays to browns take center stage. The Montblanc small format 15x15 cm series (from the Forms family) redesigns geometric patterns and enables you to create original compositions and unique settings. 

Montblanc can be combined with the Geneve series, a sandstone ceramic floor tile with a neutral tone that reproduces natural wear and tear. It is inspired by the crushing and pressing of natural soil used in the past for the sustainable construction of shelters, one of the first building materials used by humankind. 

Cements reproduced in ceramic pieces is another of Argenta’s designs, which suggests spaces with an industrial air reminiscent of large cities. The ceramic company proposes the Concrete series, which has a natural weathered look and can be used both indoors and outdoors to give continuity to spaces. It combines with small format pieces from the 30x90 cm Concrete Moon Dark series, with drawings and volumes reproduced on them, to give a more contemporary touch and movement to basic traditional cement.