While a beautiful and popular choice for countertops, quartzite presents its share of difficulties for fabricators. Everything from cutting it to removing stains to how to price it and educate customers on maintenance seem to be common questions that those working with the material continually ask. The Natural Stone Institute addressed this subject with a panel of industry experts on the Fabrication Stage at Coverings 2023, which took place last month at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. Those sitting on the panel of “Quartzite Revisited” included: 

  • Mark Meriaux, Natural Stone Institute
  • Scott Higginbotham, ICP/Dry-Treat  
  • Denise Daniels, MB Stone Care
  • Stu Rosen, MB Stone Care

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Learning objectives for the session were outlined as the following:

  • Review the geology of quartzite.
  • Discuss strengths of quartzite as a building material and how best to use this material in applications.
  • Learn about challenges that some are encountering.
  • Learn best practices to prevent, minimize or fix staining issues in certain quartzites.
  • Review some case studies and expectations for this natural material.

At the start of the discussion, the question was posed, “Why is quartzite so desirable?” Several reasons given were:

  • It is hard and scratch resistant.
  • It has strong resistance to acids.
  • Cross bedding pattern has a marble-like look.
  • Light colors (gray and earth tones).

Meriaux explained quartzite is a metamorphic rock comprised of almost entirely of the mineral quartz. Its origin is sandstone. The amount of metamorphosis can affect the physical properties, such as its strength and absorption among other characteristics.

To learn more about the challenges of working with quartzite and how to overcome them, watch these two excerpts:

Part 1: The Fabrication Stage at Coverings 2023: "Quartzite Revisited"

Part 2: The Fabrication Stage at Coverings 2023: "Quartzite Revisited"