QUERCETA, ITALY -- Salvatori announced plans to open a New York City showroom on February 23, 2023. The 5,000-square-foot space is located in SoHo at 102 Wooster Street. The showroom will be Salvatori’s first American showroom, making it the Italian stone supplier’s fourth flagship store. The other stores are in the cities of Milan, London and Tel Aviv. 

The opening of the flagship store in the heart of Manhattan not only represents an important milestone in the company’s evolution, but is also a dream come true for CEO Gabriele Salvatori.

"I lived in New York for a number of years and just completely fell in love with its energy and variety, the constant movement and buzz,” said Salvatori. “It simply has a different rhythm compared to any other city and it’s palpable in the streets, the incredible array of events, openings, shows and so on. I don’t know when I first seriously started thinking about one day opening a Salvatori showroom, but it has definitely been something that has been percolating away for well over a decade.

“I love working with American contractors, architects, designers, project managers -- you name it,” Salvatori went on to say. “I just find the whole process exhilarating and extremely satisfying. The high-end American market really gets our products, our approach and the whole set of Made in Italy values we represent.”