Residents of the Roadrunner on McDowell in Scottsdale, AZ, can enjoy a cheery and decorative environment at the apartment complex’s outside seating area. The outdoor design features a beautiful and colorful accent wall comprised of a custom colorway of Kaleido from the Verge Collection by Artaic, who collaborated with Trinity Surfaces and Jessica Goss, senior designer at HBC Group, on the project. The developer was JLB Partners. 

“The idea behind this project was for residents and guests to have an interactive experience throughout the property,” explained Goss. “Using Kaleido from Artaic's Verge Collection, we were able to customize the colors to fit the project and create an Instagrammable wall feature.”

The custom feature wall of the mosaic measures 376.96 square feet and the field tile portion is 358.46 square feet. “It was nice as a designer, with a million things going on, to be able to send over CAD files and Artaic rendered what the final product would look like using their proprietary software, Tylist,” said Goss. “It was very convenient to send to our client for approval and for visual aid purposes.”

“From a design standpoint, this all went very smooth,” said Caroline Dubrowski, vice president of sales at Artaic. “I think it took us about six rendering iterations to nail down the color palette and placement for the customization of our Kaleido design.”

Dubrowski explained that the mosaics are easy to install. “Our mosaics come in 12- x 12-inch sheets that are labelled with an easy-to-follow corresponding installation guide,” she said. 

According to Goss, everyone was thrilled with the final installation. “The focal wall is such an eye-catching feature piece that can be seen from various locations on the property,” said the designer. “It was the impact statement needed in an otherwise ordinary space.”