Last month, I attended the Stone Summit hosted by MSI Denver in Colorado. As most of you are aware, Stone World organizes these events several times a year in various locations around the country in partnership with the Natural Stone Institute. While our virtual events proved successful during the pandemic, we are all excited to get back to meeting with industry members in person.

You can scroll to Inside the Shop in this eMagazine to read about some highlights from the event. One thing I would like to share from my experience there is that it was nice to see that fabricators still value education. In particular, the format for this Stone Summit allowed for quite a bit of interaction between attendees and speakers. Throughout the day, there were three separate panels – providing a forum for open discussions. The speakers included industry veterans, as well as representatives from machine and stone care product manufacturers.

During the breaks, attendees weren’t shy to talk with our sponsors -- asking questions and learning about their products. Throughout the day, there was an energetic vibe in the room. It was a positive sign to see everyone willing to share experiences and knowledge. Interactions such as these only strengthen our industry as a whole. The more we share and provide education, the more prepared we will be for issues that arise and to solve them in the most efficient way. This month, our Stone Industry Education series heads to Arizona. If you are in the area, I recommend stopping by. To learn more, visit: