An innovative exhibition space, where Sicis materials find unprecedented expressive energy, has opened in Chengdu.

The form according to the supremacist concept, a movement that gave birth to abstractionism: a pure shape that brings people closer by giving them a break to see life and harmony in physical objects. Elements with a feeling, which come from the beginning of humanity and point to the future.

This is the thought of the art director of Berry Creative of Chengdu, He Liang, who designed the “World Impression Tile Exhibition Hall” -- a place where people communicate freely between themselves and everything.

It’s a totally new way of exhibiting that doesn’t follow the usual display methods. In his creative path, he thought about the relationship between matter and real-life and came to the conclusion that only when a product links to contemporary life, be it luxury or of daily use, we can continue to explore its intrinsic possibilities beyond the pure and simple vision. For this reason, an interaction between space and people, a two-way communication must be generated.

On the second floor of the Fusenmei Home and Building Materials Museum, the ambience immediately presents itself in an impactful way, wrapped in translucent magenta acrylic panels, which attract curiosity. At the entrance, slabs of Vetrite glass, blue like the glaciers floating on the Arctic Ocean, call to mind the vastness of the universe and infinity. Contrasting with the surrounding red acrylic inclusions, it is like the force of ice and fire, elegant and transparent, calm and fiery.

Upon entering, the designer created a gallery to display a natural and rhythmic play of different sizes, combined with a variety of walls.

To increase the visual perception of the surrounding change, in the open area, following the “land art” technique, we find an installation of backlit Vetrite Magma on which volcanic walls raise. A scarlet brightness dominates the scene. Here, the Vetrite glass slabs transmit a light that seems to dictate the magma’s flow and strength. The mountain gives the impression of melting in the lava until becoming fluid and slide away.

The surface’s width and height expand through the reflection of mirrors on the walls, and the soft lighting of the room makes people feel comfortable.

We arrive at a ritual room, where following the idea of oriental aesthetics, the form becomes a tool to communicate with people, an idealization of human vision. 

The circular seat and the oculus from which the light shines through bring a feeling of well-being and make you imagine the perfection of things in a fluid motion.