Amerisink - AS350A

Amerisink AS350A stainless steel short apron front sink

AS350A is the 18G, 304 stainless steel short apron front sink, with a side drain, from Amerisink. The sink, featuring a brushed finish, measures 31.25 x 20 x 9 inches, and is easy to clean.

BB Industries - Envy Sink

BB Industries Envy stainless steel sink

When it comes to the quality of stainless steel, one must consider its durability and temperature resistance. Envy sinks, available from BB Industries, are made of Type-304 Grade steel. That means that the sinks are comprised of no more than 0.8% carbon and at least 50% iron. This composition ensures a long life and corrosion resistance of the stainless steel sink. The T-304 grade steel ensures a better resistance to various acids found in meats, fruits and vegetables. Therefore, these sinks are a safe option for food and beverage preparations, as there are no chemicals that can migrate into your food. Envy sinks have reinforced bowls, come in an attractive brushed steel finish and are of good quality that will last a lifetime.

BB Industries – Harness

BB Industries Hercules Sink Harness

Many fabricators are called upon to repair someone else’s poor sink installation job. The Hercules Sink Harness, available from BB Industries, will do the job, and provide you the opportunity to be the one the contractor calls.  “The Hercules Sink Harness meets all Caesarstone requirements for mounting of undermount sinks,” said Brian Brutting, senior customer service & technical specialist for Caesarstone USA. We appreciate this user's candid and well-produced review and installation demonstration of our product. While the Hercules Universal Sink Harness is available through Amazon, BB Industries' website is the only place that we offer it. The harness is stamped from 1018 galvanized steel.

Blanco – Urbena

Blanco Urbena faucet collection

Blanco introduces the Urbena faucet collection to the U.S. market. This collection features a slim modern design, dual-spray control and a powerful pull-down spray head -- concealed within its graceful gooseneck spout. With a convenient swivel of 190 degrees, this faucet can easily clean every corner of the sink, according to Blanco. Engineered for efficient cleaning using less water, Urbena fills pots and vases effortlessly, while proudly offering an eco-friendly 1.5 Gallon Per Minute (GPM) flow rate. Urbena coordinates with Lato soap dispensers and is available in two metal finishes, Chrome and Classic Steel. Nine dual finish color options combine Chrome with a matching Silgranit® sink color in Anthracite, Biscuit, Café, Cinder, Coal Black, Concrete Gray, Metallic Gray, Truffle and White.

Blanco – Linus

Blanco Linus faucet collection

Blanco relaunches its Linus faucet collection with nine new full-color finishes. The updated Linus kitchen faucet has been re-engineered to powerfully clean using less water -- boasting a water-efficient 1.5 GPM flow rate.   The sleek low-profile style, fully insulated pull-out hand spray and angular design of the Linus is a signature Blanco faucet that is on-trend with modern design principles. Now available in full finishes that match all nine Silgranit sink colors, when paired with a Blanco sink, creates a unified, bold, color-coordinated kitchen water hub that homeowners will love.  In addition to the Linus collection changing from dual finish to full-color refresh, Blanco is adding two brand new hues across its entire faucet offering: Coal Black and Concrete Gray. Concrete Gray is a soft shade of dove gray, while Coal Black is the perfect matte-black accent for those who love bold design.

Karran – Faucet

Karran Tumba stainless steel aucet

Karran’s new Tumba stainless steel faucet features a separate pot filler spout and a pull-out spray head. This design is extremely functional, yet will look stunning in a kitchen. Karran now offers a line of six modern designs in finishes like brushed gold, matte black and timeless stainless steel to complement any new sink and stone countertop.

Karran – Quartz

Karran Quartz sink

Quartz sinks by Karran come in over 35 different designs and in a timeless array of six color options. This durable quartz composite material is extremely heat, scratch, chip and stain resistant. With top mount, undermount and farmhouse options, Karran has the right design to complement all new stone countertops.

Quantra - Quantra Cast Technology

Quantra Cast Technology sink

Quantra has developed proprietary technology, “Quantra Cast Technology,” which ensures that rock formed millions of years ago is casted in durable and beautiful products like sinks and basins utilizing up to 93% raw quartz material. Some of the key features of the molded sinks and basins include: MOH hardness of 7, making it rock solid and extremely durable; available in 30+ designs in exotic natural stone looks, allowing it coordinate well with many countertop/vanity tops; scratch, stain, chip and thermal-shock resistant; easy to clean and maintain; hygienic and food-safe; and highly sustainable -- repolishable and repairable and doesn’t end up as landfill.