They say that it has an infinite number of shades, while others are daring enough to define it as a “non-colour”: from the ancient hues of Carbon Black and Vine Black to the more recent technological and chemical shades, black has been a constant feature in our artistic history, open to many different interpretations. We have also worked hard over the years to convey its true essence...



Nero Assoluto Velluto

Officially presenting Nero Assoluto Velluto, a new matt shade that is warm and silky to the touch, fully preserving the renowned depth of Nero Assoluto while taking it to a new dimension.

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Not Mars, but Italy

This shot was not taken on the Red Planet, but on Etna, Sicily's famous volcano, whose eruptions have been putting on yet another show over the last few days. A unique and breathtaking view, captured by the architect Rocco Ceo. Etna’s black volcanic rock is historically linked to Sicilian culture and traditions of craftsmanship.




Non-existent abysses

Master sculptor Anish Kappor has created an illusion with his “Descent into Limbo” piece. The hole, measuring 2.5 metres deep, is coloured with such an intense black that it appears to expand space and break down boundaries. The walkway therefore appears to descend into a void, offering an alienating experience for all visitors.




Exquisite elegance

Giza, designed by Alberto Minotti for Maistri, is shown here completely covered in Lapitec Nero Assoluto Vesuvio, perfect also in the kitchen. Delicate surface movements offer a unique effect to the touch; the deep, uniform black colour makes the furnishings elegant, simple and timeless.

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