The digital communication campaign promoting the values of ceramics entitled “But Ceramic... is a safe choice” has won Silver in two categories of “L’Italia che Comunica” (“Italy that communicates”), an award promoted by the Italian communication agency association UNA to recognise the creativity, strategy and results of campaigns developed by Italian agencies. UNA (Aziende della Comunicazione Unite) currently has 190 member companies operating throughout Italy, including creative, digital and public relations agencies, media centres and consultants specialising in events and retail.

But ceramic... is a safe choice”, the third phase of the communication campaign entitled “The Values of Ceramic”, won Silver in the “Italia che Comunica con il Digitale” (“Italy that communicates digitally”) category, behind Fastweb and San Pellegrino, thanks to its international communication approach based on the use of social networks. It also won Silver in the new section entitled “Italia che Comunica per la Prima Volta” (“Italy that communicates for the first time”) behind Eni. The recognition reflects the fact that this is the first time that ceramic products have been promoted both for their intrinsic values and in relation to other materials, as well as being the first time that a campaign has made exclusive use of a digital medium.

But ceramic... is a safe choice”, the third phase of the communication campaign launched in 2019 to promote awareness of the advantages of ceramic materials, consists of 7 short videos translated into 5 languages. The total results in all markets recorded on’s own channels alone are: 545 million impressions, 12.5 million views and 840,000 clicks on the landing page.

The campaign, promoted by Confindustria Ceramica and produced by Exprimo for Edi.Cer. S.p.A., was initially launched in Italy and then extended to the Spanish, German, English and French markets. Its aim is to communicate the advantages of ceramic tiles to designers, retailers and end consumers who are about to purchase floor and wall tiles. It is the result of a major international partnership to promote the values of ceramic materials, particularly sustainability and health.