Because of its extraordinary communicative strength, natural stone is the perfect solution to give indoor spaces an exceptional personality. The kitchen area in this private residence is a perfect example, as the most striking features are the Bianco Lasa I Covelano “Vena Oro” and Bianco Lasa I Covelano “Macchia Vecchia” marbles. Offered by Antolini, a leading player in natural stone production, these two materials complete the kitchen with a unique style, thus transforming it from a traditionally practical environment into an exclusive and stylish space, ideal for receiving guests or preparing chic aperitifs.

The space features a long countertop fabricated from Bianco Lasa I Covelano “Vena Oro” to illuminate the entire kitchen with its precious gilded tones. The purity and brightness of this elegant block are further enhanced by the overlapping black worktop, slightly cantilevered, which is a complete contrast in terms of color.

In the background, the fully equipped wall catches the eye, since everything is flush-fitting and completely smooth. Thanks to the carefully designed recessing of each element behind coplanar doors, the whole section is entirely free of handles or drawers. This rigorous geometry is completed with an open light-filled niche with glass shelves, suitable for displaying a selection of precious objects. It then leaves space for a magnificent slab of Bianco Lasa I Covelano “Macchia Vecchia,” which protrudes from the rest of the kitchen’s modular elements. The real protagonist in this setting, is the material’s mélange marbling, able to blend dark, almost raven, shades with light sinuous curves and spaces, alternating with streaks that look like brush strokes. It is precisely the natural framework offered by Bianco Lasa I Covelano “Macchia Vecchia” that holds the entire area together, almost presenting itself as a conceptual synthesis beautifully mixing the shades of black and white.

Embellished with Antolini natural stone, this kitchen is an elegant space, characterized by a rarefied atmosphere and, at the same time, demonstrating great character. It is a kitchen to live in, but also ideal for receiving guests in style.


Bianco Lasa I Covelano

Coming from the Val Venosta Alps, the Bianco Lasa I Covelano marble is undoubtedly one of the finest in the world, with its uniform appearance, and the characteristic translucent white background, and delicate shading that is universally appreciated by experts. In addition to having excellent chemical, physical and mechanical properties, the marble also stands out for its excellent workability; it can be polished to a perfect mirror-like sheen, a feature that highlights its specific characteristics of brilliance, color fastness and transparency.

Characterized by a remarkable hardness, it lends itself particularly well to numerous uses in architecture, construction and art, so much so that there have been a tremendous number of designers and sculptors who have chosen to use this marble, especially in the neoclassical architecture of great European cities such as Vienna, Munich and Berlin.

Elegant and highly sought-after, the Bianco Lasa I Covelano “Macchia Vecchia” and Bianco Lasa I Covelano “Vena Oro” are two sides of the same quarry story, where the amazing creativity of Mother Nature surprises us by offering beautiful materials that are totally different in terms of colors and veins. “Macchia Vecchia” marble is characterized by a two-color contrast with a powerful personality, while “Vena Oro” version impresses with its warm and delicate shades.