WASHINGTON –The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is releasing new and updated AIA contract documents today that support businesses with reaching their sustainability goals and programming.

With the AIA’s focus on environmental stewardship, the new and updated AIA Sustainable Project documents provide a roadmap to integrate sustainability into design and construction projects, as well as ensure less confusion when green project discussions begin. While there are already four versions of AIA sustainable project exhibits that attach to standard contracts, this update includes the new C204™-2020, Sustainability Consultant Scope of Services and the updated D503™-2020, Guide for Sustainable Projects. 

The new C204 introduces a sustainability consultant, who can be an architect or non-architect, and streamlines the process for identifying, developing, and assigning responsibility for a project’s sustainable design and construction elements. As a facilitator, the sustainability consultant implements the many stages of the sustainability process, including conducting the sustainability workshop, preparing the sustainability plan, gathering information and coordinating with the parties, submitting documents to and obtaining approval from the certifying authority, and handling fees. The new Sustainability Consultant Scope of Services is not a stand-alone agreement but must pair with a document to provide key contract terms, such as the C103™-2015 Owner-Consultant Agreement without a Predefined Scope of Services. The C204 presumes that an owner pursuing a sustainable project has, or will, execute an E204™-2017 Sustainable Projects Exhibit with the architect of record. When both C204 and E204 are used on a project, the owner must edit E204 to address the consultant’s role and eliminate overlap with the architect’s role. E204 defines key sustainable terms, and C204 references these definitions.

The popular D503-2020, Guide for Sustainable Projects has been updated to address current topics, such as materials transparency; resilience; environmental product labels and certification systems; and jurisdictional requirements relevant to sustainable projects. The guide’s core function explains the roles and responsibilities of the owner, architect, and contractor regarding sustainable design and construction projects, provides commentary on C401™-2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Consultant and C402™-2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Consultant for Special Services, and adds a sample of a completed WELL Certification Plan.

Below is a list of the full suite of AIA sustainable documents, including the new documents:

  • A141-2014 Exhibit C, Design-Build Sustainable Projects Exhibit
  • New! C204-2020, Sustainability Consultant’s Scope of Services
  • Updated! D503–2020, Guide for Sustainable Projects
  • E234-2019, Sustainable Projects Exhibit, Construction Manager as Constructor Edition
  • E235–2019, Sustainable Projects Exhibit, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition
  • E204-2017, Sustainable Projects Exhibit 

AIA will provide a free webinar to learn more about the key sustainable documents’ updates:

  • The AIA's New Sustainable Consultant Scope of Services and Revised Guide
  • Thursday, May 21, 2020 | 1-2 pm ET | Register

In addition to releasing C204 and D503, AIA will also publish a revised B202™-2020, Standard Form of Architect’s Services: Programming. This document incorporates terminology from the 2017 Owner-Architect Agreements and attaches to the B102™-2017 Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect without a Predefined Scope of Architect’s Services. Of the many updates made, the revised B202 now defines programming and more clearly describes the steps by which an architect will administer this service.

AIA documents can be purchased with an unlimited-use annual license or as a single, customizable document. AIA contract documents are also available as single, non-editable documents and as paper versions through some AIA chapters. Visit aiacontracts.org for more information.

About AIA Contract Documents

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