With previous experience in the woodworking sector, Mike Goodson brought his business sense to Advanced Bath & Kitchen, which was founded in 1997. The company, which is based in Little Rock, AR, has evolved through the years – ultimately becoming a fully automated shop 15 years ago. Advanced technology has allowed Goodson to grow the business and find its niche in producing custom remodel work for luxury homes, as well as mass producing quartz shower bases.

“In today’s market, you have to find a specialty and get in it,” said the fabricator. “We specialize in bathroom remodels. We do something unique making shower bases out of quartz. In one recent project, we did six Silestone showers.”

Goodson explained that Advanced Bath & Kitchen was among the first in the industry to invest in CNC technology. “When we made the decision to go automated, I actually went to Italy and toured several plants,” he said, adding that he made the decision to go with CMS/Brembana. “I was very satisfied with their equipment. It’s a good company. They have robust machines.”

The two CMS CNC machines – one 5-axis and one 4-axis – are still running in the shop today. Advanced Bath & Kitchen also relies on a water treatment system from Water Treatment Solutions to provide clean recycled water for the production process.

A little more than half of Advanced Bath & Kitchen’s business is quartz. While the company carries product lines from many of the leading manufacturers, Silestone is its top seller. “We represent every quartz line,” said Goodson. “I tend to stay with known manufacturers who have been around a long time. We enjoy doing business with Silestone. They have been a very good partner – from the sales rep through the manufacturing. I never worry about the quality.”

The fabricator explained that at one point the company worked with cultured marble and Corian, but has long since deviated from those products. “When we were working with cultured marble people were asking for a higher-end product,” said Goodson. “That’s how we got into the quartz shower bases.”

According to Goodson, Advanced Bath & Kitchen ships the quartz shower bases outside the area. “We are a true manufacturer,” he said. “It’s a nice story to tell about quartz in a shower. They are really foolproof. We can install them in about an hour and a half. We have it down to a fine science. We offer a lifetime warranty.”

In addition to cutting quartz and natural stone, the company also fabricates Dekton, a compact sintered stone material. “There was a learning curve with Dekton,” said Goodson. “We tried 20 different blades and played with feed rates. Now we have it perfected.”

Because of the high volume of custom showers Advanced Bath & Kitchen outputs, Goodson explained it made sense for them to start their own glass shop. The majority of production is frameless glass shower doors. This service – combined with its selection of sinks and fixtures – makes it a one-stop shop for its customers.

Although state-of-the-art equipment is a contributing factor to the company’s success, Goodson also credits his staff who he speaks very highly of and most who have been with him for many years. “I don’t have to worry when my workers go out to a jobsite,” he said. “I know they do their best to take care of our customers.”