Presenting the latest tile and stone product trends for the coming year from some leading companies, including Ceramiche Piemme, Ciot, Country Floors, Island Stone, Lunada Bay Tile, Panaria Ceramics, UGM, and Walker Zanger.


Glitch by Ceramiche Piemme

Glitch is the latest collection of porcelain stoneware tiles designed by the London-based firm Benoy and introduced by Ceramiche Piemme. Just as the word “glitch” applies to an unforeseen error, the wall tile collection was designed to focus on the distinctive irregularities of concrete surfaces, such as cracks, films, scratches and wear, and favor these imperfections as a sign of uniqueness. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, Glitch is offered in eight colors and a range of sizes.


Made-to-measure custom mosaics by Ciot Studio

Design your own one-of-a-kind mosaic pattern for murals, floors, backsplashes, countertops, tabletops, fireplaces, sculptures, public art, commercial lobbies, corporate logos and more with the exclusive made-to-measure service by Ciot, a leader in the tile and stone industry. Using stone, porcelain, glass, metal or mixed materials, the Ciot Studio team will work with you to realize the idea, image or sketch you’d like to recreate, and deliver a unique decorative statement that is both timeless and durable.


Sister Parish Design Collection by Country Floors

The Sister Parish Design Collection is the first in a series of exclusive Country Floors luxury designer tile collaborations slated to roll out in 2020 and beyond. Made famous by the venerable firm of Parish Hadley and designed by Albert Hadley, these unconventional graphic designs represent Hadley’s original take on both color and composition. Tiles in the collection are offered in six patterns with four coordinating field colors.


Glass Essentials by Island Stone

Glass Essentials is the newest tile collection from Island Stone. Inspired by the beauty of nature, it is available in five different formats, including three rectangular tile options and two hexagonal styles. The 2- x 8-inch subway tiles can be used to create a herringbone pattern (shown) or a classic brick pattern in a bathroom.
Sheets of the hexagonal-shaped tile can inspire a honeycomb-inspired kitchen or be used to create bathroom floors in a matte finish or stunning vanity backsplashes.


Sonare by Lunada Bay Tile

Lunada Bay Tile introduces Sonaré, a hand-cast glass tile offering a meditative exploration of color. The collection captures the look of rising incense, playfully encapsulating wisps of whimsical color within glass. Sonaré comes in two 3- x 9-inch formats: Tone features a lightly textured surface that evokes layers of water freezing on a lake. Sonic layers dimensionality and textural relief reminiscent of sound waves or record grooves. The larger 3- x 9-inch formats also offer an ideal complement to many other Lunada Bay Tile collections, allowing for mixing and matching of materials to create stunning surfaces in a mixed-media effect.


Pierre des Rêves by Panaria Ceramics

Pierre des Rêves by Panaria Ceramics is inspired by a mix of stones from different regions, all characterized by an untreated surface onto which the passing of time has engraved authentic and articulated textures which convey all the flavors of an ancestral naturalness. Developed in a vast range of formats, the collection features different thicknesses to respond to varying design tastes and requirements, enabling a customized design for all indoor and outdoor areas of a home — seamlessly blending styles, colors and surfaces.


Ascale Porcelain slabs by UGM

Ascale Porcelain, which is distributed by UGM, is unlike any other ‘sintered’ material in the market. Ascale slabs do not require tension relief cutting like other Ultra Compact surfaces, which saves time and money. Additionally, these 126- x 63-inch slabs are mechanically polished (like quartz and natural stone), which minimizes edge chipping issues.
UGM’s luxurious marble-like ‘Torano Statuario’ Ascale Porcelain (pictured) is available in both a honed and polished surface finish. This versatile 12mm material is UV resistant and excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Botanicals collection by Walker Zanger

When a room calls for more than clean lines and subdued colors, Walker Zanger answers with a maximalist design reminiscent of Dorothy Draper high style. Botanicals, a collection of effortlessly cool, whimsical designs, features large floral and statement leafy patterns that stimulate a room with a lively energy that bridges the gap between vintage and modern style. The green (“Tahiti” shown), pink, white and black large-format decorative porcelain tiles can be used on walls in a broad range of commercial and residential applications.