The Valley Vista residence in Encino, CA, the residential winner in the 2019 Ceramics of Italy Tile Competition, is clad almost entirely in Italian porcelain tile. “Encino is increasing its elegant status,” said Jamie Rezaie, partner for the DI Group in Beverly Hills, CA. "With so many new construction projects, Encino is quickly rising to the level of other well-known, affluent neighborhoods in the area, like Bel Air and Beverly Hills. This is a direct response to the rapid increase in wealth that Southern California has been experiencing within the last few years. The 'Valley Vista' project is a part of this trend, with an elegant, contemporary design made by large open spaces, numerous windows and the use of high-quality Italian tiles throughout.”

The project was designed by Rezaie from the DI Group and Adeet Madan. DI Group and Adeet Madan specified several collections from Supergres and Ceramiche Refin to cover the bathroom floors and walls, as well as the floors in the kitchen, dining room, foyer and living spaces. “Italian ceramics are distinguished by their elegant design as well as their vibrant and original taste," said Rezaie. "Which makes them well-suited for Californian weather and preferences."

The project used approximately 9,000 square feet of tile in total for the 9,600-square-foot building. The project used Supergres’ “Art” Graphite Decor Melt, “Art” cement, “Art” Graphite, “Travel” Westbrown and “Stoneworks” Ardesia. The project also used Refin’s “Wood2” Muretto Dust, “Design Industry” Oxyde Dark, “Design Industry” Raw Shadow Light, “Graffiti” Cenere, “Arte Pura” Baltica Decor, “Arte Pura” Baltico, “Arte Pura Decor” Bianco, “Arte Pura Decor” Pietra, “Plant” Powder and “Design Industry” Raw Light. “We considered several collections before making the final decision,” said Rezaie. “Which was to marry the interior design pallet and the style inclination.” The use of floor tile even extends to the home’s backyard patio, creating a flawless transition from one space to the next and opening up the home’s already expansive layout to the great outdoors.

“This new construction faces the challenge of not finding the final owner as of yet,” said Rezaie."The design must not only meet fairly high standards of quality and beauty, but it must also be practical and adaptable. When designing, we considered many different lifestyles and cultures in order to create a welcoming environment for many types of residents, from families to individuals."

To review the project mock-ups, the designers worked a lot with 3D and renderings in order to visualize the final overall results. The project took about a year to a year and a half to complete and has received a lot of positive feedback.