Indianapolis, IN - Gulf Wave Custom Design is releasing the first of a new line of innovative, specially-designed stone fabrication products Made in the U.S.A.  Chief among these products is its patent pending, Height-Adjustable Modular-Designed Fabrication Table. The table can be used alone or in conjunction with patent pending Adaptable Modular Units that allow the original table to be lengthened, or configured to suit just about any need, including both U-Shape and L-Shape. With its 1,200 lb. load capacity, the table has an open design allowing access to stone from underneath the table, as well as movable bracing bars to accommodate variable sink openings.

This innovative table can be assembled and disassembled by one person and, when not in use, the component parts are easily stacked (just 5” high) to clear much-needed floor space!

In addition to the Patent Pending Table, Gulf Wave has created industry-targeted shop carts that come with industrial-strength rubberized padding pre-installed on cart pans, as well as compression fitted upright guards on the cart handles and a pre-installed clipboard hook. No more taping, wrapping or wiring to adapt a cart to suit the stone fabricator’s needs – These carts come ready to use!

“Gulf Wave saw a need for fabrication products to specifically fit some particular needs that weren’t currently addressed by products on the market,” said Tina Starnes. “This led to a one-of-a-kind, Patent Pending table design.”

Gulf Wave is focusing its energy into the ongoing design and manufacture of products for the stone fabrication industry, and because it is a U.S. manufacturer, can be flexible and responsive as industry needs arise. Stone Fabricators will not find a higher quality product of its kind than that offered by Gulf Wave.