The Quarry Academy team just announced the Quarry Academy scholarship 2018 winner: Kyle Karably, a Mining Engineering student from the Colorado School of Mines. Kyle is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for recognizing me and bestowing me with this wonderful scholarship," Karably said. "It means a lot that I have been recognized for my hard work at school and it will only drive me to continue to improve both academically and as a leader.”

The yearly Quarry Academy seminar, which is organized by Dyno Nobel and Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology, is addressed to those who serve in the aggregate industry and is focused on teaching participants how to produce aggregates in an efficient manner. “Our vision is to set the industry standard," says Paul Painter, vice president at Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology. "This scholarship is an additional commitment from our team to attract the best talent to the aggregate industry”. Frank Camodeca, general manager of Dyno Nobel, said, “Quarry Academy is a true service to the aggregates industry, this scholarship solidifies our commitment to the industry as well as assisting in developing our leaders for tomorrow.”

The 14th Quarry Academy seminar will be on November 19-21, 2019 in San Antonio, Texas. Details for the next Quarry Academy seminar will be published at Registration will open in May 2019.