Washington, D.C. - Cosentino, one of the largest suppliers of quartz surface products sold in the United States, expresses its appreciation of the diligent work by both the United States Department of Commerce and the United States International Trade Commission (“USITC”) in their investigations into the unfair trading that has targeted and severely impacted the market for quartz surface products.

“Our company stands in support of fair and free trade,” said Eduardo Cosentino, CEO and executive vice president of global sales for Cosentino Group. “We fully support fair and free trade and sincerely applaud all efforts that have led to this decision and important cause. We are grateful for the opportunity to compete fairly in the United States, and with this announcement, we look forward to the restoration of a level playing field in the market.”

The petitions filed at Commerce and the ITC by Cambria allege that the increase in Chinese imports has injured the domestic industry and threatens further damage if duties to offset China’s unfair trade practices are not imposed. If Commerce and the ITC both make final affirmative determinations in their investigations, final duties could be imposed in May or June 2019.