Charlotte, North Carolina – Intermac is ready to welcome the arrival of SOPHIA in the North American market on selected machines models starting January 2019. The revolutionary IoT app and cloud-based software management tool helps users achieve higher productivity by providing them with an easy to use dashboard containing real-time visibility of machine status, performance and functionality.

SOPHIA provides a comprehensive overview of specific machine performance features with remote diagnostics and constantly updated statistics. The nature of this solution makes maximum productivity a reality for Customers. SOPHIA is also fully integrated with Biesse’s new PARTS portal, which gives them 24/7 access to the replacement parts they need.

“It is truly an exciting time in our company’s history with SOPHIA arriving in America and Canada simultaneously,” said Federico Broccoli, CEO. “It is an important step forward and we are raising the industry standards in our Customer service support experience. With SOPHIA, the Biesse Group is ready to meet the new Industry 4.0 challenges, where connectivity and immediate reaction time are crucial to keep efficiency at the highest levels.”