MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- The Rockheads Group, a network of surfacing industry entrepreneurs dedicated to leadership, best practices and financial health, recently convened at Inspiration Design Center (IDC) in Minneapolis, MN, for its Fall 2018 member summit. With record attendance of nearly 100 members representing 45 companies, attendees had an opportunity to take a deep dive into IDC’s operations through a dynamic all-day event. The company opened its doors for a no-holds-barred plunge into their operations, strategies and key performance indicators.

“Rockheads Group continues to gain momentum in the industry and we are proud of what we are offering our members,” said Jon Kaplan, managing partner of the Rockheads Group. “This event was particularly important to all of us since we just concluded our annual benchmark report and it gave us an opportunity to review national financial standards against different areas of Inspiration’s operation.”

As part of the event, members sat in on interactive sessions with IDC’s human resources, finance, fabrication, installation, sales and marketing departments. The IDC team presented their best practice techniques for each area of their business and asked attendees to provide recommendations for improvements, as well as share their own best practices.

“Having my fellow Rockhead members provide completely open feedback on how our company runs will be fundamental for our growth and development,” said Jon Ryan, owner of Inspiration Design Center. “It’s not every day you get an opportunity to have best-in-the-industry experts analyzing your business and offering honest, trustworthy support to you and your management team.”

As part of the event, Rockhead members were also able to engage with key Group suppliers, including Braxton-Bragg, Laser Products Industries (LPI), GranQuartz, Cosentino, MSI, Baca Systems and Marqet Group. “We appreciate the opportunity to spend time with our customers during a hands-on event because it gives us great feedback on what their needs are and how they’re using our system,” said Kevin Yeh from LPI. 

Following the event, participating companies were given the results of the financial benchmark report exclusively produced by the Rockheads Group to use in analyzing their own performance metrics. The Rockheads Benchmark report is conducted yearly, and members voluntarily and confidentially share their financial statements to identify areas of improvement against fellow members. The summary of the report is available to Rockheads members only and shared through a Rockheads website portal within www.Rockheadsusa.com.