The Beastrs72, a 72-inch rail saw, is the newest addition to the fleet of rail saws offered by Lackmond Products, Inc. under the Beast/B+BTec brand. The Beastrs72 rail saw weighs 170 pounds and can execute a 72-inch cut and a diagonal cut on a 51- x 51-inch tile. The Beast/B+BTec rail saws are also available in 34-, 48- and 60-inch cut capacities, and all include a two-year warranty. These saws are engineered with stainless steel to withstand the toughest applications, while providing the operator ease of maintenance. They are equipped with a powerful 2hp direct-drive motor and loaded with countless features, including miter and plunge capabilities, wheels for ease of loading and unloading, and much more. They are manufactured with a precision rail and bearing system which provides extremely smooth operation and 3/10mm accuracy. Each saw includes a supreme quality 10-inch porcelain blade, which works well on marble, granite and other natural stone tiles.

Over the last few years, larger stone tiles and large-format tile have grown in popularity, and that trend looks like it will continue. Lackmond’s new Beast/B+BTec rail saws are ideal for cutting stone tiles and larger format tiles. They are manufactured in Europe and made with the highest quality raw materials utilizing the most advanced manufacturing technology.