Fully innovative lighting materials express a new and evolved way of conceiving decorative and decorative surfaces. The designers have been driven by the idea of evolving the company DNA. Thinking toward the future, Sicis offers innovative, high quality solutions both for interior and exterior, with a cautious attention to the aesthetic appearance of each project, in many cases customizable.

From the marble mosaic, with which the company has begun patenting new systems of realizing tesserae and laying techniques, the essence has always been given to the coating materials, following and interpreting changes in architecture and design. Among the latest innovation includes Vetrite, a material that is the first step of a new era and that has been developed with large glass slabs and polymers to reinvent the world of coatings.

The Electric Marble line is born from complex industrial processes along with color studies. It combines out of the box the natural texture of marble pigments with blends that are similar to an electric fluid that enters the veins of the material and forms irregular lines.

The Vetrite Tile allows Vetrite in smaller sizes and gives the surfaces a geometric look, available in 25 colors, which can be combined in many patterns and exclusive style details. The array of formats makes it easy to use it in many spaces, ranging from bathroom, kitchen walls, public spaces, to major architectural structures such as museums or large hotels. All sizes, on request, are also available in satin and beveled versions.

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