Bianco Assoluto and Nero Assoluto are the two new colors that the Italian company will be presenting to the North American market. These shades expand and enrich the color options, with two highly distinctive tones from the far ends of the color palette. A Bianco Assoluto outdoor kitchen top in the Lithos finish and a fireplace, flooring, and Maistri kitchen in the Moca and Nero Assoluto shades will be the two key features at the Lapitec stand (W1147) at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), January 9 to 11, 2018 in Orlando, Fla.

The enormous versatility of full body sintered stone will also be demonstrated in a series of exhibits that show the various ways in which Lapitec solutions can be used. The stand will be divided into four areas. One area, will be showcasing an outdoor kitchen with an EGG barbecue, fireplace, flowerbox and pavement made of Lapitec Bianco Assoluto, in the Satin, Vesuvio, London, and Urban finishes. A second area proposes the Giza kitchen, designed by Maistri Cucine using a combination of Moca Lux and Nero Assoluto in the Dune finish, where there will also be a daily cooking show event presented by Italian chefs, Mario Cassineri and Francesca Penoncelli. Another area of the stand will be dedicated to the new color concepts and a selection of the company’s latest color projects.

Finally, in the innovation area, the company will be presenting a series of projects that highlight the technical and technological potential of sintered stone. Visitors will get a first-hand view of a kitchen top with an integrated induction hob, which is currently in the patent approval stage; an integrated refrigerator system, particularly suited for outdoor kitchens; a PITT cooking system, and a kitchen worktop with a fully integrated sink. There will also be a Lapitec bathroom with an inlaid vanity top and shower in Bianco Assoluto.

“The novelties that we’ll be bringing to KBIS express the company’s constant commitment to research and development”, said Michele Ballarin, sales and marketing director of Lapitec Spa. “We are always very attentive about seeking out and responding to new trends and market needs, transforming them into projects and solutions with a high level of technical and aesthetic content. The new colors and innovative technologies that will be on show in Orlando are the result of an intensive collaboration between our research and development department, architects, designers and stone fabricators.”

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