Carved in the heart of the earth, this winery is a reflection of natural energy, and a powerful reminder of ancient geological formations. Jurassic Brown by Antolini gives a sculptural value of the elements that make up the space, emphasizing their unique characters.

Within the space stands a monolithic central kitchen island made of Jurassic Brown with polished, riven and hydro finish. Peculiarities are able to highlight the sharp edges of the composition; a lit continuous shelf; and a display wall in which bottles are positioned horizontally, favouring the bottom view. Among the bottles, the Jurassic Brown emerges again, with a bold “split-face” finish, which has the effect of creating a play of light on the rugged surface.

With authentic fossils embedded in stone, Jurassic Brown is a material reminiscent of the primordial link between Man and Nature. Quarried in Spain at 800 meters above sea level and more than 60 kilometres from the coast, this quarry is composed of many layers which contain an exceptional concentration of Nerinea fossil, an extinct sea snail of varying colors. A natural phenomenon caused millions of these molluscs to settle in a small area on the sea bed. The shells, with huge pressure, heat, and the passing of millions of years, have turned into marble, creating a rare and precious type of limestone.

The link between all the different elements is the floor in Alhambra Brown which wraps around and embraces the space with an additional touch of warmth.

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