Omni Cubed's 90° Stealth SeamerTM Auto helps create consistent, high-quality, perpendicular seams without the hassle of straps or bar-clamps. It's the ideal solution for waterfall edges, mitered aprons, butt-joints and compound corners, and is the only 90° seamer that can be inverted for inside corners, reports the manufacturer.

The 90° Auto features proprietary non-marking FTSTM (Flexible Triple Seal) vacuum cups that provide optimum hold -- even on textured and leathered materials. Smooth-turning knurled rollers pull pieces together for expert alignment, and fine-tune levelers help dial-in the perfect angle for precise seams. An integrated counter-pressure leveler helps overcome the lower out-swing of vertical pieces. For larger pieces such as waterfall designs, use the Anchor Cup Attachments for additional support (included with every 90° Auto system). A powerful compact vacuum pump maintains maximum pressure for all cups in the Auto system so you can set the seam and walk away.