New stone varieties continue to be quarried in India. The following are only several of the many new products now available.

Tab’s worldwide exclusive Blue Fantasy quartzite is available in polished, honed, leather and brushed finishes, as well as tile and slabs. A darling of designers and consumers alike, it’s a blue-and-white semi quartzite, with a rich color that makes it appear as a super exotic with a lot of value. An additional advantage is that it’s sold through Tab’s authorized distributors only, creating a boutique exclusivity for the stone.

Suitable for countertops, bathrooms, bar tops, walls and even flooring. The color and appearance is stunning, pricing is very reasonable and not everyone has it.

Blue Coral Labradorite, quarried in India and available through Tab India, does not stain and etch, is spectacular looking with a rich color contrast (alike a coral reef) that makes it appear as an exotic. The stone is very popular in the U.S. market

World Rocks presents Vintage, a new granite material quarried out of India.

With its distinctive look and the right tonality of grays, beiges and whites, this material makes for a timeless look for any project desired.

Sky White is an exclusive pale blue marble accented with swatches of white and dark gray veining. Its sophisticated and elegant appearance will complement many design styles. Sky White marble is a crystallized semi white base background with light gray shades metamorphic rock. It can be used for wall coverings for residential and commercial applications. The uniqueness of the sky white marble is that vein cuts seem visually to be deeply engraved. This marble is connected with the sense of motion. Abundant vein cuts, create a sense of movement, with the way the gray color spreads on the material. That is why architects and designers propose sky white in public but private applications such as subway stations, hotels, theaters and villas.