Howard Brodsky was interviewed live on Canadian national television at CBC Headquarters in Toronto early in June. Brodsky appeared on CBC News Network’s “On The Money” program with journalist Peter Armstrong to promote the cooperative business model. Brodsky shed light on the co-op business structure that allows people to share the costs of business as well as the rewards.

“There is so much opportunity,” Brodsky said on the program. “If you really look at any business, it could be a cooperative. And what it does is empower people and distribute income much more equally.”

During his interview, Brodsky focused on the message that cooperatives are successful businesses. He made the point that cooperatives aren’t the opposite of capitalism; they are a kinder form of capitalism or “capitalism with a conscience.” Brodsky also highlighted the ways that cooperatives can help shift the balance of wealth to be more equally distributed.

“Cooperatives are entrepreneurial, but they’re also scalable and profitable,” said Brodsky. “More importantly, the profit goes back to the people that do the work.”

Brodsky was in Toronto to give remarks at the LBMX Accelerate Conference and was interviewed on the CBC network after his speech.

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