Stone Forest has introduced two new additions to its rich collection of bathroom vanities and sinks. Traveling the world sourcing the finest materials is one of Stone Forest’s greatest strengths as a brand. For more than 25 years, the designers at Stone Forest have made creative and innovative use of nature’s raw materials to create outstanding products for use both inside and outside. This year, they are introducing additions to both their vanity and bathroom sink collections.

Marquina Taupe is the newest version of the company’s renaissance and vintage console tops. It is created using Marquina marble, which features hints of brown and tinges of purple, bisected by bold white veins. Scaled perfectly, these vanities are elegant without being ostentatious, reports the manufacturer. Vintage console legs are available in multiple finishes, including polished nickel. 

Cerne Lav sink is the newest addition to the selection of above counter and semi-recessed bathroom vessels. It has a classic and versatile look and feel, and it is sculpted from blocks of Luna Bianca Oro marble. The edge detail makes the Cerne perfect for contemporary, rustic or transitional designs. It has a 17-inch diameter.