Each year at Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, new and innovative products are revealed. This year, the event was held from September 26 to 30, 2016 at the Bologna Exhibition Center in Bologna, Italy, where it welcomed more than 106,000 attendees. The 34th edition of the event attracted more than 800 exhibitors that unveiled a variety of new designs and ideas. Below are just a few of what this year’s companies had to offer.

Texture is a mix of architecture, design and art. A story made with mosaic, small glazed ceramic tiles of pure color, which collect light and reflections to multiply their images and design polychromatic surfaces and backgrounds. The new collection by Appiani personalizes the coating of surfaces and volumes thanks to a wide range of sizes, finishes and colors. It creates the thrill of space, with special lighting and reflection effects. Ideal for any architectural context in which functionality, durability and aesthetic are characteristics guaranteed by the monopressocottura.


The Crea collection from Ariana Ceramica Italiana, of the ABK Group, combines the company’s longstanding tradition in the field of high-quality designer wall tiles with the extraordinary advantages of W&P. It combines the appeal of post-industrial plaster and concrete with sophisticated pastel tones to create soft, seductive surfaces in which pearly materials alternate pleasingly with satin backgrounds and unexpected three-dimensional effects.


The intrinsic warmth of the Le Argille series marks the outset of Casa Dolce Casa, transmitting a strong sense of real life to every project, reflecting the stories, passions and desires along the lengthy path towards success followed by those who were able to create space and freedom within those same projects. New evolution, the bearer of timeless elegance, designs a product which is a memory archive, where recollections mingle as they take shape. With its stylistic freshness and candid simplicity, every space is similar to a living organism which comes to life as a reflection of those who dwell there.


Eve by Ceramica Bardelli is a handmade collection of ceramic tiles, decorated on a matte finish, which is perfectly suitable for interior coating. Created in collaboration with Marcel Wanders, eclectic interior designer and art director of several international design brands, Eve is available in five different colors and one standard format — 40 x 40 cm. The beauty and preciousness of the handmade decoration becomes an element of absolute uniqueness, capable of highlighting through wise installation patterns or random poses different subjects and geometries able to integrate perfectly with the surroundings.


The new tile collection by Ceramiche Coem, Fossilia, is inspired by fossilized stones with a fairly fine and regular granular structure. The fossils that are clearly visible on split stone make this one of the world’s oldest stones. A tactile, warm and antique material, with a vibrant and granular texture, gives the ceramic surface an unusually rustic appeal.


Blu Ponti, a new collection from Ceramica Francesco De Maio, is composed of 20- x 20-cm tiles with a thickness of 14 mm, which faithfully reproduce the glaze, colors, decorations and the thickness of the 60s. Strictly hand-decorated with the ancient technique of decoration, printed by hand. Thirty decorations with geometric and naturalistic motifs were designed by Italian designer Gio Ponti.


Ceramica Fioranese’s new collection, Imperfetto, is inspired from pressed Earth, modified by marks and scratches. A “manipulated” Earth, contaminated by tracks and weaves, impressed on the surface by tools and with material textures created by ancient techniques that have recently been recovered by great Italian craftsmen. The human hand therefore reworks the ceramic surface, overlaying marks and other materials, similar to the works of Burri. The result is a collection with a refined, sophisticated flavor.


Creating continuous movements, themes and harmonies of structures, lines, designs and colors, with a modern and elegant visual musicality. This is Metrochic by Ceramica Sant’Agostino: a white body collection designed to create countless wall games with three white, three-dimensional structures — in hollow circles, intertwining structures and embroidery. Based on two concrete-effect gray tiles — a light and darker one — neutral and aesthetically immaculate, the collection shows its aesthetic refinement with styles, shapes, color and geometric patterns from the past tailored to the taste of contemporary design.


Emilceramica presents a major project, inspired by the elegance and amazing versatility of Piasentina stone, a secondary limestone generated by gravitational processes triggered by the tectonic movements of the Earth’s crust. This Emilceramica product line is exceptionally compact, tough and water-resistant. Piase is a construction and covering collection inspired by the architecture of Italy’s Friuli and Giulia regions, with coloring that varies depending on the quarry location. The collection is available in five sizes.


Lumina, the collection of wall coverings by Fap Ceramiche, continues to grow, offering a range of solutions able to bring sophisticated nuances and decorations to multiple different settings. The two new elements in the Lumina range offer a perfect combination of style and practical appeal, able to enhance freedom of stylistic expression to the full. The new 20- x 20-cm size with a traditional appearance that makes it ideal for creating a cozy, inviting ambience, and the Grey and Beige shades for the largest size — 50 x 110 cm.


Dream by Fondovalle is inspired by the natural weft of linen — one of the world’s most ancient fabrics still widely used in interior design for its simple yet refined look. A light but “outlined” weave crosses a surface available in three pastel shades that evoke the colors of the sky, Earth and green, in a wide range of formats. Like a painting, uncontaminated woods decorate walls lending the enjoyment of a vital relationship with nature.


Play is Imola’s new double fired tile collection, made in one standard format (20 x 60 cm), with a satin finish surface and extremely soft surface appearance that is the essence of the collection. Play makes you want to get creative, mix and match tiles and create something one-of-a-kind. The truly neutral white can be combined with six backgrounds, in current, modern shades — green, lavender, mauve, dark blue, dove-grey and yellow — and a wide range of decorations, including polka dots, geometric elements and lines.


New trends for interior decoration put solid colors and flat 2D decorations aside and open up to thickness, movement, dynamism and the richness of walls. Shapes are the striking feature of this trend; designers are concentrating on multifaceted diamond shapes, chevron patterns and lines. However, the key element is 3D. Used both for functional and decorative reasons, three-dimensional tiles offer a variety of bas-relief options to decorate walls. The new wall tile collection, 4D by Marco Carona, embraces several 3D designs, and is available in two sizes, two colors and eight structures.


Made from white body ceramic, NovaBell’s Verve collection has two original personalities: Home and Design. The Home variant is smooth and glossy, while the Design version is slightly undulating and reflective. United by their standard formats and mosaics, both are available in White, Beige, Silver and Ash. The Verve Home series, however, has an enriched color range that includes two additional trendy hues — Amethyst and Sapphire. The Verve Design range comes in split or chevron mosaic compositions, while Verve Home is available in multicolored decorative solutions in thin stripes, woven patterns or vertical lines.


Terracruda by Ragno is a new ceramic material that draws inspiration from historic construction materials in the form of sunbaked clay and straw. The tiles have a satin effect matte surface that is soft to the touch, which comes in a range of natural and contemporary colors. The graphics impart a natural sense of movement to the wall surfaces, while the three-dimensional structure of the decor tiles and mosaics produces a dynamic interplay of light and shade. Terracruda is perfectly compatible with concrete-look, stone or wood-effect porcelain stoneware tiles.


Dynamic surfaces inspired by Zebrano stone form a contemporary and versatile collection by Refin Ceramiche, known as Fusion, which is likely to fulfill any design need thanks to its wide range of sizes and finishes. Fusion features six colors — Ash, Beige, Black, Brown, White and Grey — and five formats — 75 x 75, 75 x 150, 25 x 150, 60 x 60 and 30 x 60 cm. Two mosaics are available in all colors, one version imitating 36 pieces and the other representing a woven composition.


The beauty of ceramics lives in its contrasts. Riflessi by Unica is a collection which encloses this contrast between the glossy geometrical glass patterns, confined with a matte finish which recalls concrete. The shiny surface is fragmented with a harmonic sequence. This collection is available in two patterns and one size, 8 x 8 inches, and is offered in six colors, which vary from white to blue.


Comprising an infinite series of combinations and colors and a wide assortment of decorative pieces, the 300° collection, presented by Viva, consists of three different varieties of salvaged wood — Essenze, Back and Tinto — and a Tangram tile, ideal for creating striking interiors and giving every room the right amount of warmth, with strong contrasts and original, completely unusual interlocking effects. Available in three sizes — 15 x 120, 20 x 120 and 20 x 180 cm — the ceramic series allows the achievement of attractive, unconventional effects.


XO is a project that plays around graphically with six basic patterns. The new collection by 14 Ora Italiana is available in one size and three different colors — Oceano, Amaranto and Fango. On a white body background, irregular geometric colors emerge which evoke everything that is modern, with traces of a stratified past. The collection is made up of 18 commercial items, which can be used independently or in connection with one another, maximizing design possibilities.


The Craft collection, designed by Iosa Ghini for Cisa Ceramiche, is part of the graphical re-elaboration of a gauzed fabric that highlights weft and transparencies through defined chromatic contrast. A material with a strong personality, designed for a public with a finger on the pulse of new fashion and design trends. The collection is available in two formats — 24 x 24 and 24 x 48 inches— and four colors — B/W, Taupe, Ivory and Moon.


Works of art, Kerlite slabs the blank canvas on which Cotto d’Este has painted beauty and charm: that’s Wonderwall. A creation never seen before, for the first time the artistic wall decoration meets the ultra-thin ceramic porcelain tile: countless ideas and design suggestions to transform the spaces in which we live in a magical and exciting way. Twelve wonderful decorations with deep textures and elegant design, printed in high definition. Large slabs measuring 1 x 3 meters, in stoneware with fiberglass mesh, thin and light, but strong, resistant to humidity, safe and guaranteed over time.


Tulip, the ceramic series that brings back to life the graphic detailing of handworked wood, for warm, welcoming interiors. The collection by Isla Tiles Ceramiche is startlingly true to the original material, and ideally suited to giving projects a personal touch. Available in six natural colors and two formats, Tulip lends a touch of originality and authenticity to any contemporary styling.