Tenax Quartz Shield Water Based Water and Oil Repellent for Quartz and Engineered Stone has recently been introduced to the market. Tenax Quartz Shield can be used on polished, honed and brushed surfaces. It provides excellent anti-stain protection and penetrates into the porosity of the material, according to Tenax, adding it is approved for food contact. Tenax Quartz Shield is ready to use and requires no dilution. It will not form a surface film. The product is easy to apply; simply apply it on a clean and dry surface with a clean cloth using a circular motion. Let absorb for five minutes and then remove excess product with a clean cloth. Always test on a small hidden area before using. Tenax Quartz Shield is available in a 1-liter bottle.

Hailing from the far corners of India, Ostrich Grey quartzite, available from M S International, is rich with grays and subtle veins. It is available in a wide variety of tile sizes, mosaics and slabs, and is recommended for residential and commercial properties, including floors, countertops and walls. Create a dramatic, sultry look with this gorgeous collection of quartzite.