Lunada Bay Tile interprets the metallic trend in interior design with the introduction of Tozen Glow, a glass tile collection that breaks formal design rules by blending textures and metals for dramatic effect.

Dreamy, reflective and translucent, Tozen Glow amplifies the beauty of watercolor glass by applying silver or gold leaf for a third dimension of metallic shimmer. Artists first fuse gold and silver leaf to translucent colored glass. They then apply an impenetrable finish that makes the tile appropriate for a variety of commercial and residential projects.

The handcrafted, smooth-edged tiles glisten in five colors (Argon Silver, Oxygen Silver, Vanadium Silver, Tin Silver and Tin Gold) and three sizes: ½ x ½ Mini Mosaic, ½ x 2 Mini Brick and ½ x 4 Brick.