I’ve had an exciting 10 months since joining Stone World as group publisher last November. While I am no stranger to B2B trade media, my stone experience totals a two-year stint with Stone World back in the day with my good friend Alex Bachrach, many years ago. Since taking this job, I have traveled across the country and around the world, from New Jersey, all the way to China, and it seems like everywhere in between. It has been quite the education.

While there is no shortcut to industry experience, the high standards, superior service and B2B media processes remain quite consistent across industries. It’s really very simple. It’s our job to keep you, the reader, informed in a superior and timely manner. In my travels, I have seen firsthand many new and innovative products and services that represent a wide cross-section of natural stone companies and associations. Through these meetings I have also come into close contact with the passion that drives the engine to all that is new and innovative.

Our mission here at Stone World is to inform you of these breakthrough opportunities. Additionally, we want to inspire you to take action and make positive changes such as reducing costs, increasing productivity and providing growth for your business. Stone World brings together a community of stone suppliers and fabricators to explore industry trends, issues, products, technologies and best practices that enable you to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive local —and global — economy.

And we are going Mobile! I’m delighted to announce the launch of Stone World Mobile App for iOS and Android-based phones and tablets. With the Stone World App, you will be able to read the latest Stone World content anywhere you go, formatted to take advantage of your mobile device’s capabilities.

As audience content consumption preferences continue to evolve, we are doing everything we can to keep up with how our readers want to access natural stone and stone fabricating information. Our goal is to deliver content when, where and how you want it. According to the most recent Nielsen Total Audience Report, whichreports on media usage by demographics, Americans are spending 10 hours and 39 minutes each day consuming media. About 81% of adults in the U.S. have smartphones and 58% percent have a tablet.

While both technologies provide information on the go, the behavior of readers for tablets and smartphones are different. Tablets are more likely to be used at home or at the office, where the reader can sit back and read articles at their leisure. Smartphones, on the other hand, are being used while commuting, shopping or waiting in lines. We designed both versions of the reading app to accommodate the way you want to consume content — quick hits of information or longer features.

The mobile magazine is free and is available on iTunes, Apple Newsstand, Google Play and the Amazon App store. We encourage you to download the app today and let us know what you think.

Our objective is clear. It is our job to serve you, the reader, by delivering content in the trusted and timely format that you prefer. In today’s work environment, we strive every day to give you access and knowledge efficiently, based on your needs, not ours. So whether you prefer your content in print, online, mobile, video and/or email, we will help you stay ahead of the curve with the most reliable, professional and experienced staff that we can offer.