M S International, Inc. (MSI)is introducing 20 new colorsto its inventory of granite, quartzite and other natural stone slabs.

"The natural stone slab industry as a whole has been slow to react in changing their color offerings to reflect changes in trend," explained Rupesh Shah, president of MSI. "With the reduction in popularity in both dark granular granite colors and yellow, brown and gold granites, consumers are demanding more choices in affordable selections of whites, grays, creams and blacks. MSI conducted an exhaustive process in reviewing over 200 potential colors from around the world to finalize the 20 new granite colors for 2016."

New colors include Alps White, Avalon White, Black Space, Bohemian Gray, Jasmine White, Oyster White, Persa Cream, Petrous Gold, Petrous White, Silver Creek, Silvestre Gray, Summer Beach, Venice Cream, Whisper White, White Bahamas, White Glimmer, White Nile Quartzite, White Sand, White Symphony and White Valley.

Black Space, a Brazilian granite with swirls of blacks and crisp whites, is just one of the striking new stone colors and perfectly ties together a black and white design. Also from Brazil, White Valley is a neutral white granite with medium variations of gray veins and other soft tones. Next, imported from India, Petrous Gold is a high variation granite, but features warm golds, creams and chocolate browns, with flecks of grays and blacks throughout. Also featured is White Nile quartzite. Its soft gray background and veining, complemented with hints of gold, combine the elegant look of marble with the durability of granite.

These new natural stone slab colors are now available and coordinate well with many other tiles and slabs throughout MSI's extensive product lines.